About Ayuda

  • Ayuda is the smart service robot that’s designed by Syscom and 100% Made in Taiwan (MIT). Ayuda integrates robot components, a mobile base platform, face recognition, human form detection, voice recognition, conversation, video, environment mapping & target navigation, QRCODE & card reader — all in a single friendly robot and there’s more!
  • Deep integration with your existing systems — Ayuda does it. Customized for your unique environment — Ayuda does it. Leaving the other robots in the dust — Ayuda.
  • Primary market include business, law enforcement, healthcare, retail, finance, and education.


Indoor Navigation

No additional equipment needed — Ayuda moves autonomously throughout your environment. Say hello to your new tour guide.

Proactively Welcome

Recognizing people as they enter, Ayuda isn’t shy about offering a friendly greeting.

Face Recognition

Ayuda recognizes everybody, knows your VIP customers, and makes product recommendations based on gender and age.

Natural Conversation

Ayuda understands natural language conversations.


Ayuda’s software scripts and hardware sensors are customizable for your environment and requirements.

Point Of Sale (POS)

Integrated printer, NFC/IC card reader, and QRCODE scanning, Ayuda handles payments and ticket printing.

Success Stories

Introducing Ayuda (video)

Introducing Ayuda (download)

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