PineReport Master

PineReport Master makes it easier but safer to access, query reports from different report generating server. While digitalizing the reports, PineReport Master can also reduce consumable expenses and storage spaces.

Basic Functions

  • Automatic report transmission for Tandem/AS400/Unix/ Linux/Windows
  • Report Query: keyword full-text search, date search
  • Records history: transmission progress monitoring, report usage monitoring, login records
  • User control: permission control, login failure lockout, timed automatic logout, secondary login for confidential files

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Advance Functions

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  • User uploads files to the host
  • Automatic report delivery (print/E-mail/fax/save as a file)
  • Signing and agent
  • Watermark
  • Historical data
  • Other customized functions

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What can PineReport Master do?

Paperless report management makes you a report management master!

PineReport Master

Paperless report management makes you a report management master

Is manual report distribution giving you sore legs?

Automatically download, distinguish, print, and dispatch reports to destinations.

Had been waiting for approval for several days?

Report approval process with agent mechanism, the process will no longer stop when somebody is out-of-the-office.

How about when my supervisor suddenly wants information from 15 years ago?

Search for keywords in historical archives. It’s not difficult to find any information!

Confidential company information is circulated in the industry, can the leaker be caught?

Confidential file can be seen only after a second login, and watermarks are included on all prints. The thief has no way to hide.

How do we control access amongst our departments?

Decentralized control makes unauthorized persons invisible to unauthorized files.

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