Simple and easy to use, powerful SQL related database management system. The open architecture makes the application more flexible, and it is more secure to create and store multiple complex data types.
  • The database engine with excellent performance allows users to build and store various complex data types with ease.
  • Provide industry standard interface, application systems can be easily connected to DBMaker.
  • Adopt new design concept, powerful but less resource requirement, bring better cost performance.


Automated and efficient IT Infrastructure management center: Comprehensive integration of enterprise IT Infrastructure information, monitoring and management.
  • powerful network search capabilities achieve excellent auto-discovery of your assets.
  • Visual presentation makes for fast resource deployment and event response.
  • Reduce the total cost of equipment ownership and increase the return on investment of IT Infrastructure.


Software products developed for today’s digital integration applications, ideally suited for individual or mixed application environments like IT maintenance management, business form flow, system integration interface, and more.
  • Flexible and easy-to-use enterprise-level process engine is ideally suited for individual or mixed application environments like IT maintenance management, form flow, and systems integration.
  • Highly flexibly for adaption to countless IT usage scenarios and integration with cross-departmental and automated tool processes.
  • Centralized task management and instant online communication.
  • Exclusive process templates improve your collaboration efficiency.


Ayuda is the global market leader.
  • Completely made in Taiwan (MIT).
  • Integrating AI solutions, automated guided vehicles, face recognition, human figure detection, computer vision, voice recognition, voice chat, video, self-learning maps, navigation, QRCODE scanning, card readering — all in a single machine. And now, Ayuda scans body temperature and detects face masks and reminds people to wear them.
  • Deeply integrated and customized with our customer’s own systems to make it the most integrated service robot.

PineReport Master

PineReport Master makes it easier but safer to access, query reports from different report generating server. While digitalizing the reports, PineReport Master can also reduce consumable expenses and storage spaces.
  • Automatically receive and deliver with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Viewing, saving and printing permissions are separately assigned, which makes management stricter but easier.
  • File digitization reduces risk of damage, loss, and can extend storage life.
  • Secondary login for confidential files, access control is separated, and watermarking makes reports more secure.
  • Proxy agents allow approval process to continue even when employees are unavailable.

Product Features

Powerful Performance

The diversified functions easily improve enterprise IT control and management capabilities, and monitoring
notifications enables immediately response while strengthening internal management efficiency.Learn More »

Integration Support

In the digital age, companies are changing rapidly. Cross-departmental development and process control are core concepts that provide highly supportive and highly integrated solutions, helping our customers bravely face the ever changing market environment.Learn More »

High cost performance

Functions for effectively reducing total cost of IT in the enterprise, while maintaining reasonable development investment are providing the most cost-effective IT solutions for our enterprise customers.Learn More »

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