IT Infrastructure Management Center

Dynamic real-time, visual presentation, automated and efficient IT Infrastructure management center


Enterprise IT Infrastructure

Comprehensive Information Integration

Monitoring and management at its most convenient, real-time resource allocation enhances productivity and allows for lightning fast response to emergency situations. Reduce your total cost of ownership, improve your IT Infrastructure investment return rate, and strengthening your enterprise IT competitiveness — NETCenter.

6 Advantages

Painless Debugging

Customizable controls classify problems providing at-a-glance responsiveness without needing to spend time locating issues

Integrated Management

Combined with TCP / IP, Layer 1 ~ 4, we support multi-vendor management network and security control equipment and provide Dashboard tables displaying IT service storage management — all available for multi-user access

Simplified Management

NETCenter brings you IT service performance indicators via ITIL — backup, efficiency, events, problems, changes, service continuity management — Easily control all network devices to manage the network topology and device layout, reduce workload, and speed up service response

Quantitative Management

Event management automatically creates data reports based on statistical calculations of problem frequency, time of event, and other quantify information to improve efficiency

Cloud Monitoring

Dashboard supports multiple screens, as well as mobile, tablet, PC, and NB, for real-time monitoring

Big Data Analysis

Big data analysis of your IT infrastructure reduces TCO and increases ROI

Powerful Advantages

  • Real-time monitoring and auto-provisioning based on CPU & Memory monitoring, line load, interface traffic and network transmission quality, ensure Quality of Service (QoS) where needed.
  • Supports command (CLI) method for backup configuration through encryption telnet or SSH. Backup command scripts check for changes during the backup process and support many vendors for easy backup of device configuration files.
  • The node event function supports customized keywords, filter conditions, and severity levels to search historical data, making it easy to identify trends and diagnose problems.
  • Up to 13 kinds of SLA reports can be generated according to the company’s needs for daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Fields, lines, and interfaces can also be selected based on your needs.
  • Intuitive traffic light service concept provides a quick understanding of device status, and presents event details to quickly find the source of the problem.
  • Automatic detection/identification and mapping of multi-level network topologies and keyword search provide powerful network search capabilities.
  • Powerful real-time performance monitoring, including: CPU load statistics, data error rate, inbound/outbound packet flow including discarded packets, failure analysis, and many more performance metrics.


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NETCenter can effectively collect IT Infra information and instantly present information related to IT Infra. In particular, the dashboard can present the status of IT services at multiple levels and can be designed flexibly according to needs. For example, the dashboard is based on the monitoring of a specific IT application (Application). The IT Infra devices that can be associated with IT application services form one or more multi-level dashboards to allow IT managers to easily and immediately grasp the IT application service’s real-time status, making it easier for IT services to identify root causes. Through the data reporting system, IT managers can understand IT Infra issues, thereby improving the IT Infra resource allocation and improving IT information service stability and IT architecture flexibility.

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