[From left: BankPro Vice President Chevy Lin, BankPro Marketing Manager Lisa Tu, LaFresh CEO May Kang, tsti Product Manager Viz Lai, CISA Chairman Brian Shen, BOFT Director General Cynthia Kiang, iEi Director Baihong Yu, SYSCOM Senior Director Davis Chen, Zyxel Product Line Manager ShuenTing Guan, TIATRA Director of Marketing Junze Wu]

COVID-19 marked the beginning of this year, while disrupting lives around the world, it has also accelerated the digital transformation of international companies. the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Foreign Trade Association and the Information Software Association of Taiwan jointly held on September 4, 2020 the “AI Solutions and Cyber Security Online International Press Conference” was broadcast live, and 6 high-quality Taiwanese brand manufacturers were invited to publish their latest AI solutions and information security network monitoring products. About 320 media and buyers watched this live broadcast press conference including CE Markt of German media, Biskom of Indonesia, Dentsu Nikkei News of Japan, and other media outlets.

SYSCOM Computer, which provides professional information services, was invited to participate in this online international press conference and proudly launched the NETCenter network monitoring management platform, which extends traditional information technology to information security and integrates with business operations in order to respond to the demands of digital applications. A unified interface dashboard is used to control and monitor service quality and status of digital technology applications in a decentralized management way. It effectively reduces the labor burden, and provides report analysis to quickly grasp and manage asset-related information. When monitoring services across units, devices of different versions and brands can be integrated. If there is an abnormal state, you can use E-mail or LINE to alert in real time, and use the topology to pinpoint the the device in question and perform real-time troubleshooting, so that network operations can quickly resume services. All this with a comprehensive range of cross-brand equipment and cross-domain integration — IT monitoring solutions are smart management solutions and necessary for enterprise digital management.

[Photo Source: TAITRA Taiwan Excellence Webpage]

The NETCenter network monitoring management platform received great interest from a number of media during the real-time live broadcast, as well as prospective customers from international organizations from Italy and Indonesian.
They were extremely interested in NETCenter products and the market and related business opportunities and inquired about these very enthusiastically. During this press conference, NETCenter inspired new thinking for media and customers in the Southeast Asian, European and American markets on how to enhance corporate competitiveness under digital transformation through security network monitoring.

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