Enterprise Class Process Engine

Maintenance management, maintenance monitoring, data collection, data concatenation, automation.

Open source version


Personalized dashboard

Drag-and-drop customization puts the things you care front and center on your dashboard


Centralized task management

Centralized processing of tasks and events, online user messaging ensures your real-time support of interactive operations among departments is efficient and effective


Process design engine

Drag and drop your business ands automation tools within the process engine


Python Core engine

Developed in the Python language, Python project and community components can be quickly accessed


Community sharing and downloads

You can share online or download and use existing OMFLOW processes to best improve your business efficiency

Enterprise Edition


Distributed computing

Process execution is distributed to an unlimited number of OMFLOW nodes


Data collection

Actively collect terminal information and load external data, set trigger alarm thresholds, and quickly open event lists when abnormalities are detected.


Information Maintenance Management

Built-in service request and service request management, event management, and other processes — built to get you online fast with formal incident handling procedures for vastly improved IT service quality.


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Installation package download

Latest version :

Publish Date: 2020-08-21

Multi-language version support English/Simplified Chinese/Japanese

Contains Windows / Linux version

Server and Collector

Publish Date: 2020-07-13

Contains Windows / Linux version

Server and Collector

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