Enterprise data management: Uncomplicated

Legacy System solutions

DBMaker improves Legacy System benefits

With new functions, DBMaker DCI transforms your legacy system’s data store from a static heap into a powerful data trove.

Database Bundle Solution

Connect once

DBMaker Bundle version provides a comprehensive database management system. It can be used without additional installation or registration. It is suitable for secondary development vendors, system integration vendors, solution providers, ISV, ISP, and package software vendors.

Multimedia database solutions

Store and use multimedia data easily

DBMaker solves challenging multimedia data problems by supporting many multimedia data formats, allowing you to effectively harness your data in the digital age.

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Monitoring IT infrastructure is more convenient

Automatic detection/identification and mapping

Visual presentation allows for at-a-glace immediate problem identification

Two view points — top view (Top-Down) and our intuitive dashboard (bottom-up) — provide cross-monitoring for quick and effective discovery of the status of equipment problems

Cloud monitoring service solution

Real-time problem alarms

Receive real-time alarm messages anywhere in the world, then remotely connect to confirm problem events and equipment using the topology map.

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Highly automated process management

Business process integration solutions

Integrated business process operation is highly intuitive

Centralized processing of daily operations and tasks completely integrates manual and automated processes, and strengthens digital management.

Process monitoring and maintenance automation solutions

Daily operations are performed automatically, saving time and effort

Integrates a vast array of operations and task processes, automates daily maintenance and complex operations, and improves overall operating efficiency.

Robotic process automation solutions

Quickly integrate cross-departmental processes

Easily sort operations and task processes with integrated business and automation tools in the hybrid process engine.

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Easy-to-use and efficient service guide

Training and Education

Provides activities to attract attention, big data personalized teaching, voice interactive assisted teaching.

Smart sales

Provides catering, shopping, service location, promotion activities query, advertising, customized vocal timing sales.

Smart medical

Registration assistance, VIP ward video monitoring, ward volume warning, and medication inquiry.

Smart Security

Monitors suspicious people, objects or events, monitor equipment abnormalities, sabotage, actively approaches abnormal situations for recording, and provides remote remote monitoring.

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Paperless report management is simpler

Report storage

Supports popular hosts, cross-platform access is effortless.

Receive reports from Tandem, AS400, UNIX, Linux, Windows Server and other hosts in a single management interface that is suitable for existing systems or those in the planning stage.

Report management

Simpler management and more safety for confidential information.

Automatically receive and send reports to save time. The approval function and agent mechanism make report signing effortless. Multiple protection mechanisms, such as: decentralized control, watermarking, and secondary login for confidential files, make your confidential information more secure.

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